Sunday, April 28, 2013

Growing Up

Even though I'm only 14, people are already starting to plan out their future, what they want to be when they grow up, where to go to college, and such. I find all of that kind of stupid, knowing exactly how your life is going to go and all of that. Though I have to admit, I still really don't know what I'm going to be, or exactly who I am going to be. I remember when I was a kid, all I wanted to do was to be a taxi driver, or a garbage truck guy. I was unaware, of course of the economic factor of those jobs, and how those jobs were not jobs that I should supposedly "dream"of.

 Looking back at that, I find it sad that my dream of driving through the city were crushed by the stereotypical "I want to be a lawyer!" or "I want to be a doctor!" type of kids that told me that their parents taught them about money. And I think whoever wants to be a taxi driver or a garbage truck guy should be one if he wants to. Society has built this mindset of lawyers and doctors that are happy because they gains lots of money, but money can't buy happiness. What I'm getting at is that you shouldn't want a job just for money. Do it because you like it, or else what's the point in life? Money?

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