Saturday, September 13, 2014

Taste Differences

Most people who are reading this blog right now won't know what the term "scrilla" means. But most of you will know the word "open-minded". The truth is, these two words go hand-in-hand. See, I have many friends who listen to (I won't use the word ghetto because it's directly racist) "street" rap that definitely isn't..... Mozart. Here is an example of a very popular song that I often hear at my friend's house.

I'm not forcing you to like this song, or even understand it, but I think people who read this blog will just be perplexed at the first noise this video makes (sorry, grandma). But seriously, this truly tests your open-mindness. If you can listen to this song, and at least try to understand why over 3 million people listen to this, you can say you're truly an open-minded person. Most (or at least me, at the age of 13), would shut away this song immediately, almost to the point of being offended by the artist's musical expression. But because I have friends that I care about, and that I support despite our cultural taste differences, I don't judge them for listening to this music. So that's what I'm trying to get at. Please don't judge others because of their tastes. I used to do this, and it's really not ok. Be open to different EVERYTHING!

P.S: "scrilla" means money, in rap slang, if you needed to know

P.S.S:  Really sorry about my "Discovery Challenge", will probably be up by tomorrow

P.S.S.S: Have a good day !

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