Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tips To Keeping A Journal Of Thoughts

  1.  It's your journal! Write and/or draw anything you like! Your expressions, feelings, thoughts, sketches, anything, pretty much. There's no wrong or right way to keep a journal, so do anything you like to it. Even destroy it like Keri Smith.
  2. Add pictures. Either printed out or drawn is fine, or even Polaroid photographs are awesome. You're obviously not forced to, but it keeps the creativity and fun alive in your journal. 
  3. Add dates. Yeah, I hate to be organized as much as you do, but it really helps when you look back in those moments where you feel at a certain emotion and can reflect upon it.
  4. Bring it wherever you go. Whenever you have a deep and meaningful thought about something, the best thing to do is write it down, and I can't remember all my thoughts and THEN write them. Plus, writing on the spot makes you look thoughtful around others ;-).
  5. Always collect things from outside like flowers leaves, sticks, and other things that might be interesting to have in your journal and to observe.
  6. Last but DEFINITELY  not least, have fun writing down in your journal! If it seems like too much work, you're not forced to write in it. Writing down journals should become a habit and a fun one too, but it definitely shouldn't be a tiring or un-fun labor. Don't struggle :-) 

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