Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Being A Writer Is AWESOME

Being A writer is pretty frickin' sweet. Especially if you love to stay in your PJ's and be lazy!

  • You get paid to make stuff up.
  • You can stay home and work in your pajamas!
  • You get to travel to different parts of the world because it's "research".
  • You get to do strange, interesting things because it's also "research".
  •  You can sleep 'till noon, work 'till midnight, and take time off whenever you like.
  • You get to act stranger than other people, and it's considered OK, because you're a writer.
  • You get to read a book in your study while other people do boring and lame stuff. 
  • "Writer" on a passport looks better than "dental hygienist". (No offense to you doctors, I'm sure you guys are interesting as well).
  • Your peers are weird, wild, wise, and wonderful.

    There are WAYYY more reasons why, just ask my dad. Tell me why YOU think being a writer is cool.

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