Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

 "It is a wise father that knows his own child."
     -William Shakespeare.
It's almost a law to appreciate your dad. Whatever your father does, you have to appreciate it. You may not love him, but you appreciate him, because he helps  build character. Father's day was specifically made for any child to say thanks to our dads for whatever they did, that has helped and/or helps you throughout life. Well, to say thank you, you have to say it in a fun way. For father's day, the Brodskys had a little barbecue, had backyard games, and then went to see a movie of our dad's choice (though i tried to persuade him, we didn't go see Super 8, we saw Green Lantern). After the movie, my dad and I discussed the movie for 30 minutes like always, (except for Inception, we took 2 hours on that one), read, and then a hug that spoke "Thanks, Dad." Looking back at our life together, we were always very serious around each other, and when I had a problem he would always understand, nod his head, and ask "Wanna talk about it?" So yeah, today make sure to say thanks to your dad at the least, or do something nice to him, even if it's a really small thing. It doesn't have to be your dad, it can be anyone who has made you strong the past 8 years.
Happy Father's Day, Dad. :-)



  1. Hola Sami, que lindo el blog que le escribiste a Roberto. Me perdi el asado! para el dia de la madre hacemos otro... con blog post incluido. Te quiero mucho, desde Paris, mama.

  2. Sure! Two things, though. IF you're going to post a comment, write it in English. Secondly, don't signature yourself as mom.
    Not your son

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