Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I'm incredibly lucky to have enough money for food, shelter, water, and even a private school. I'm more than lucky. Sometimes people forget how lucky they are, and they take for granted their gift of having enough money to survive and have a stable, economically, happy life.

I found this blog the other day (it's about what to shop when you're broke like a canyon) and I found it incredibly fascinating and made me think for a really long time. What really intrigued me about the post that I found most particular was the part where she explained how buying small luxuries keeps you sane. "Again, living without this stuff makes you feel poor. Sometimes you need to have some small luxuries to feel human, and personally, my need to feel human is more important than my need for broccoli." I'm not sure about you, but that makes me think a whole lot.

I suggest you read the whole thing, and after that read this reddit thread that also makes you think... about humanity and poverty.

Whilst reading both, listen to this masterpiece of a song that goes along well with reading about this subject.


Sorry for the short and bitter post this was, I've been kinda down this past week or so, but don't fret, it will pass.

See you all next time,

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