Monday, August 11, 2014

Remember When this Blog Was Meant to Help Aspiring Writers?

Yeah, me neither. But recently I found a website that was so tempting to post and goes back to the true roots of this "blog", so I am sharing it with you today. The website is called Hemingway, after the magnificent writer and journalist. The purpose of the site, as described by itself, is to "make your writing bold and clear". You paste something you've been working on and the website automatically highlights words, sentences, and paragraphs that are unclear, hard to read, and other errors. The site even calculates the readability of your work through an educational grade system.

To try it out, I pasted in what I've written above. Hopefully my writing isn't TOO atrocious.

Here are the results:

Hmm... Interesting. The readability of my writing is 8th grade-level. I'm not sure as to feel good or bad about this rating, yet the website tells me "good". I have written a sentence that is a tad long, and ironically, it's the one where I'm explaining the grammatical errors. A few adverbs here and there, but other than that, I feel like I did pretty well. I'm not sure If I would use this for school essays, but it is definitely a good tool for learning about sentence structure and making your writing "clear", which is the ultimate goal for the site.

So basically don't take any writing advice from me if you're older than 12.

Here is the website, peace out!

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